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Of course I was only 13 and completely embarrassed about this, but as I am standing naked in front of her she grabs my penis and begins to look it over and starts asking me all these questions, while the entire time she is kind of rubbing my penis.

He puts the naked girl over his knee and starts spanking her butt. I tried to ask her if she just needed to see my penis and testicles, couldn't I just drop my pants, but she said no. Polish nude sex. Spank me naked. I didn't see any possible way I could manage the last one. She did and my hard dick throbbed in approval.

With her shapely thighs and panties so exposed, he loved when she sat like that with her knees up. My back and butts were burning in pain. I proceeded to examine her nipples. Besides Glenn would have a heart attack if he saw my big boobs.

I was just thinking," she said giving him a sexy look. I lied flat on my back so I could enjoy the blowjob my step daughter was giving me even more. Busty britain lesbian. Of course I assured her that I wasn't having sex, but then she wants to know if I was masturbating.

I then lied and said it was the 6 year old's fault. I pinched the flesh of her thighs, and then reached underneath the back of her legs at her calves. She told me my cock felt so good inside her as I put her down on her hands and knees, spanking her butt while fucking her doggie style from behind, finally blowing my creamy load all over my slutty stepdaughter!

She gets back to sucking my cock because she likes to taste her own pussy on my dick after I make her cum and she straddles herself on top so she can ride my dick in reverse cowgirl with her black butt facing my way. Strings of white cum were hanging from her chin and her pink nightie.

He should have been exposed to the same kind of treatment! I felt safe and protected in her arms, even though I still felt the stinging of her violent assault on my backside. He has never felt anything so good before until she bends over the kitchen table and tells him to fuck her hard. Of course I got an instant erection, even more so when she got on her bed and began to masturbate while talking to a friend on the phone! A few phone calls later and I was told to pack, because Auntie Beryl had kindly agreed to let me stay.

Looks like this spanking and the idea of me cumming in her had turned this bitch on! But, back then, schools would administer corporal punishment as well!

Luckily no bruises but the pain lasted over a week. Susan was visibly trembling. He imagined her flipping back her blonde hair while one of her friends was fucking her from behind and just before taking another one of his friend's cock in her mouth. She is smoking hot. You declare under penalty of perjury that you are at least 18 years of age, consent to viewing adult-oriented materials and agree with all the Terms and Conditions.

And get a hand spanking on my bottoms. I knew what masturbating was, but honest something I hadn't done yet, and this was not something I wanted to talk with my mom about. Chunky girls with big tits. I wasn't quite sure how to answer, and I was somewhat alarmed by the tone of her voice.

Teachers give detention and it has no effect.

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Then she gave the cane to the elder daughter to beat me and she salo did that very nicely. I remember being so embarrassed to come out of my room because I was afraid she had gone back into the family room and told everyone what I had done.

Knowing that any minute her daddy or mommy could come into the office and watch us fucking had us both really turned on, so we kept fucking until I was ready to blow my load all over her beautiful face and her hot naked body! My Dad had other ideas and insisted that I love my baby. Hot chubby girl gets fucked. I went over to her garden and stepped on all of her flowers.

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Not in my house" Without a warning he slapped me and before i could know really what was happening he told me to go upstairs and strip nude. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. She pulls his throbbing dick out, turns around and starts deep throatin him. Our principle even in elementary school kept a paddle that was visible in his office, and would make kids bend over, grab their ankles, on a few occasions, I got to overhear a friend getting it She didn't say sorry or try to pretend that it was a surprise to her, instead she just gets up, pats me on the butt and tells me to clean myself up.

Petite teen slut gets her pussy banged hard after getting picked up at the mall. I have been at this boarding school now for just over one week Matron told me not to identify the school. Spank me naked. I was feeling horny next morning, dreaming about my naked step daughter all night so I sneaked into her bedroom where she was sleeping totally naked. Oh, boy, hot damn. Stinky pussy xxx. This last happened the summer I was going into ninth grade when after a year or more with no such "warfare" a bunch of us were reminiscing about the hellraising we used to do and ended up staging what we knew would e a final battle with my brother and I as well as our friends knowing we would doubtlessly be getting our bare butts beaten black and blue from our naighbors before this was through which we did-twice.

My mom doesn't just spank me or ground me like most moms would do, but my mom always seem to be out to embarrass me somehow. Her step dad is furious! So many people don't know how to control their own emotions of anger, it is not easy to do! We try to vet our answers to get you the most acurate answers. There are rules though to Susan's spanking and public humiliation.

The neighbors would reluctantly step in and on five or six occasions this entailed two soundly spanked brothers getting bare bottomed paddlings in front of the six or eight kids who didn't scatter when the neighbors showed up and started bawling us out. H ave you ever not gotten an award you know you rightfully deserved? I no longer cared that she was my step daughter. We stripped naked and my sexy girlfriend stood leaning against the desk as I penetrated and fucked her from behind, pumping her wet cunt with my hard cock.

With her shapely thighs and panties so exposed, he loved when she sat like that with her knees up. My family had come over to Susan's family's house for the evening.

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