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The actress whose stage name is Junie Hoang declared that this exposed her to potential age discrimination since any casting agent, producer or director with internet access so, you know, everyone could easily see her age.

Well, they can in one specific case. Cherokee ass xxx. Phillip profile15 Apr 9: The 1st Amendment protects IMDB's right to publish factual information, even if someone else doesn't like it. Junie hoang nude. I wonder if they laughed at her impotent rage. I would think anything you want to keep private, you have a right to try, whereas anything that anyone finds out, they have a right to publish -- absent an agreement between the parties or specific law about certain kinds of information.

In the US at least, it is NOT illegal to ask a job applicant for their age, or their marital status, or whether or not they have kids, etc. I can barely read the comments for my annoyance with you people Just a pet peeve of mine. Terri Vaughn Adriana M. Mike Masnick profile15 Apr 4: Seems like Ms Hoang should have classified her birthdate as IP and then sued for copyright infringement. They got it from her application form correct?

White guys, Asians, Hispanics, women need not apply, no matter how talented they are at acting. I just looked at her evil IMBD entry. Naked sex womans. Christopher Jones Adriana M. She doesn't seem to think so. It's proof positive that he's not here to contribute, unless you consider taking a dump as contribution. If it were the courts would be clogged up with such rubbish.

At one point, Richard turned to me and asked - "Do you think Charles Band even watched this movie? There are no critic reviews yet for Lap Dance. Explore some core concepts: Is there even a definition of private information? Scote15 Apr 8: Alicia Arden Adriana M. Anonymous Coward15 Apr 9: Amazon previously settled with another actress, Eriko Tamuro.

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View the comments for this story. Having pulled Huong's birthdate from information she'd provided as an IMDB subscriber, the company was within its legal rights to share her birthdate on the site, according to the court.

Lawyers have an ethical duty to safeguard confidential information on the cloud A guide for practitioners Podcast powered by Legal Talk Network. Nika boronina nude. FindLaw Find a Lawyer.

This list includes TV movies and porn, and are…. While ignoring -- well, practically all else. This is bad because people with deep pockets owe me more! Erdogan's 'crazy' canal alarms villagers and environmentalists 4m.

Shelby Returns for Rachel's Broadway Audition. If she wanted another or no age on her bio, why couldn't they just put another age on the damned page? Having won the day in court, it's unlikely IMDB will amend its age-posting policy, forcing performers to have to continue to lie to the site to bring down their age and up their commercial appeal.

Strapped for cash, the couple make a pact so Monica can take a high paying job as an exotic dancer in order to pay her cancer stricken father's expenses. CroixWilliam Butler Synopsis The gingerdead man travels back in time to and carries out an epic disco killing spree.

Which is the only part of this that makes some sense. The Tomatometer score — based on the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans. The entire cast of Beverly Hills says "you're right. Celebrity Justice covers the intersection of celebrities and the law, including celebrities who break the law and celebrity legal problems. Non nude erotic photos. Junie hoang nude. Would IMDB be liable in any way? Akari Mizunashi profile15 Apr 6: Some Other AC profile15 Apr 8: I am not sure if it was necessary to see the first two installments of this classic trilogy in order to fully appreciate the story because I had not.

Hoang, who initially submitted fake birth year when she signed up on IMDb Pro site, sued IMDb for breaching their contract by violating its privacy policy.

Bet it was a fucking hoot to them. The series was first licensed by Harmony Gold in with the intention of dubbing the series for home video release.

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It sucks that Hollywood is ageist. I am more interested in seeing the blockbuster of hers

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