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With every thrust, Naruto felt Samui's anus tighten even more.

Naruto pulled his dick out of Mebuki's throat letting the last shots of his white ropes spray on her face. Do whatever you want to me! So I'm going to join them. Lesbian free gallery. Kushina moaned, as she felt her legs about to go numb. I love it up the ass Before anything else, here is the list of the chapters that were voted and what chapter will be next: Samui's eyes widen in pain and pleasure, as she held Naruto tight. Naruto kushina nude. Naruto then picked himself up, as he grabbed Kushina's hips and thrust harder.

And like Tsunade and Samui, Mebuki quickly fell asleep. But that doesn't matter, as she was having the best sex, even if it was her first time for everything. Kushina continued to watch her son having his way with the younger Uchiha sister. After the minute had pass, Naruto felt his loads dying down.

Naruto lifted Samui's legs. Tumblr sexy milf. I'm going too fucking cum, Naruto-kun! Oh, you're right Kaa-chan, I'm still hard. Naori pulled Naruto into another kiss. Naruto then burst a large amount of his seed on Samui's face and large tits. I wanted to update some more chapters, but since I was busy because of college and the holidays are here, so I could only post one chapter of my stories today.

Still hard, Naruto then felt something incredibly soft between his large cock. Naruto felt his body getting hot, while his balls got sucked, his back and chest got rubbed by massive breasts, and tongue wrestling his mother and his mom's best friend. Tsunade said she was going to be first, so, she lie on her back and spread her legs. The other women were watching the incest act taking place, as they felt their lust overwhelming them.

I'll make you feel even hotter. As for Kushina, she climaxed also, feeling her ass becoming filled with her son's seed, once again. Tsunade used her legs to wrap around Naruto's waist, bringing him closer to him. With one hard final thrust, Naruto released another large load deep inside of Naori's anal-tube.

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Make me cum, Sochi! Samui continued to moan in pain and also pleasure.

Naruto let out louder moans and groans, as he felt the warm tongues of the sisters. Emily vancamp naked pics. Chapter-9 Life as Naruto's wives: But now she has Naruto to herself, as Naruto's cock continued to hit her womb. Without another moment of waiting, Kushina kissed her son's foreskin covered cock. Then, Tsunade, Mebuki, Mikoto, Naori, and Samui were standing by them, wanting to join in on the sex. Naruto continued to push himself deep inside his mother's anus.

For the young Uzumaki; he's mother's vagina was very tight and warm. I'm cumming from anal sex! The horny mother welcomed the large cock rubbing against her face. Mebuki then used her mouth, sucking the large member. Naruto kushina nude. Like the other busty women, Mikoto passed out.

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Naruto continued his slow movements, so not to hurt Samui. Fucking girls together. After some time of cleaning Naruto's pole, Kushina kiss the head again. I can't wait for you to fuck me again Naruto-kun, you're so fucking deep inside my ass, ugh!

It was his mother Kushina, who had a plate of food for her son. Naruto did just that, as he used his body pushing himself inside of Naori's anal-ring. Before anything else, here is the list of the chapters that were voted and what chapter will be next: It's squeezing my dick! That feels really good, Sochi! Naruto continued to have his orgasm deep inside his mother's anus. Later, both mother and son were hungry and stop for lunch at a near by restraint.

Naruto continued to fuck Mebuki's ass. Naori still felt unease, having both of her virginities taken on the same day. I can't wait for my turn

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